Midwest Bicycle Company has RoadID. Come in and look at samples, try them on, and then order your RoadID using a special code to get free shipping! We also stock other RoadID products, such as reflective shoe laces, tail lights, reflective belts, and such.

Feeling like a handmade, custom, French frameset? Midwest Bicycle Company is Indiana's only Cyfac dealer.

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Midwest Bicycle Company not only stocks new and used road bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, hybrids, and kids bikes, but also has clothing, accessories, and repair parts. Whether your bike cost $40 or $12,000, we can get you back on the road again. Don't be afraid to come in and look around. MBC is for everyone, whether you're a Cat 2 racer or a 300 pound guy who's looking to get back in shape. Whether you plan to ride the bike paths, Town Run Trail Park, or the miles of roads in the area, Midwest Bike has what you need. We also, of course, stock clothing and other items for women. There's no knuckle-dragging at MBC, so stop in and see what we have to offer!

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